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Reduce The Risk - First Aid & Fire Safety Training

Event Safety Services

Do you have an event that needs additional professional staff to help in the event of an emergency or incident? Do you need assistance in producing emergency plans for an event?

We can provide uniformed staff to provide event emergency co-ordinators, fire marshalls or first aiders to keep your staff and customers safe at a range of events. We have provided these services at large sports events, gala dinners, large parties in complex premises, festivals and open days/fetes. We can also assist in writing emergency plans for these type of events to ensure all foreseeable emergencies are planned for. If your event needs a first aid point this can also be arranged with our fully stocked marque which can serve as base for the first aiders and a focal point for persons attending the event.

Our emergency co-ordinators are all serving or previously serving senior members of the emergency services and well versed, experienced and qualified in dealing with large scale emergencies and evacuations so will be able to link up with other agencies as well as your own staff to co-ordinate multiple activities in the event of an emergency. 

Our fire marshalls are all serving or ex firefighters so have undertaken enhanced training compared to a normal fire marshall. They are trained to keep premises and events safe by maintaining a keen eye for general fire safety precautions throughout whilst being able to intervene should a fire occur and hopefully extinguish before it becomes an issue. They will also assist and manage an evacuation to ensure that all persons escape safely in the event of an emergency.

Our first aiders are all trained to the standards dictated by the HSE however they also receive monthly refresher training to ensure that skills are maintained to the highest standards. Our first aiders are all trained in the use of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) which are vital for ensuring a fast response to a cardiac emergency. As a minimum we carry first aid kits that comply with BS8599-1 however each event will be assessed and the correct equipment, specialist if required will be agreed with you to ensure adequate levels of cover. We can also provide first aiders on mountain bikes to get through crowds and respond swiftly to the scene of an accident.

We understand that all events are different and we can be as high profile or tucked away as you like and all staff are equipped with professional communications equipment to ensure that the team are highly effective and messages are kept private without causing any further concerns.